AnimeNation Podcast August 17 2012

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  • BiS Idol Anime Announced
  • Wild Adapter Revival Announced
  • Haitai Nanafa Anime Announced
  • Cuticle Detective Inaba TV Anime Announced
  • Kagero Project to Get an Anime
  • Japan’s Top Character Brands
  • Last weekend’s Comic Market Attendance at 560,000
  • Chocolat to Get Taiwanese Drama
  • Discotek Reveals New Acquisitions


  • Iron Man DVDs 1 & 2 ($14.99 each): Sony
  • X-Men DVDs 1 & 2
  • Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror DVD or DVD/BD combo: FUNimation
  • One Piece DVD Collection 7
  • This Boy Can Fight Aliens! DVD or Blu-ray: Sentai
  • [Original indie anime written & animated by 21-year-old female animator Soubi Yamamoto]

Interest of the Week:

  • One Off [Junichi Sato: Tutu, Futagohime, Aria, Tamayura]
  • Planet of the Cats – Cat and chair $124
  • One OK Rock “The Beginning” RuroKen
  • Jordan at B-Movie Film Vault – Horror Movie Empire

Ask John: Why is Current Character Design So Static?
Ask John: What are the Best Vintage Fan Service Anime?
Ask John: Which Anime Espouse Japanese Conservatism?

intro music this week: My Ixxx / BiS

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