AnimeNation Anime News podcast 2013-08-16


  • Miss Monochrome to Get an Anime TV Series
  • 24th Lupin III TV Special Announced
  • Manga-ka Jun Sadogawa Dead at 34
  • Akiyuki Shinbo to Direct Kagero Project Anime
  • Sanzigen to Animate The Halloween Kid
  • Shikatsushi Drama Special Announced
  • FUNi Reveals New Licenses & Bandai Rescues
  • Sentai Announces New Acquisition & Bandai Rescues
  • Viz to Re-release Ranma ½
  • AnimeSols Adds Oniisama E…


  • Blast of Tempest DVD Complete 1st Season: Aniplex $74.98
  • Sword Art Online Blu-ray Box Set 1 (delayed)
  • EUREKA SEVEN AO Part 1 DVD/BD combo: FUNimation
  • Dragon Ball Z: Rock the Dragon DVD Box Set
  • Shining Hearts Complete Coll. DVD or BD: Sentai

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