A Few Moments at Metrocon

Metrocon 2015

Thanks to the friendly folks at St. Pete’s Anime Fix, I had an opportunity to roam this weekend’s Metrocon convention for a few hours yesterday on the first of its four days this year.

The second floor of the Tampa Convention Center, outside of the vendors room is the large artists’ alley.

The word I heard was that the first day seemed more successful than anticipated.

I saw a few bargains, compared to typical American prices. I was surprised to see a couple Nendoroid figures priced as low as $30 each.


On the other hand, I also spotted a dealer asking $30 for a single Japanese issue of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine.

The first item I found for my own collection was this Lynn Minmei doll gachapon figure for $12.

Minmei doll

Then I found exactly one dealer that had the “giant” Danboard figure. Since I have the big vinyl Yotsuba, I wanted the Danboard to match her. “Big Danbo” was $38.


My last purchase was this $7 Violinst of Hameln TV series shitajiki.




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